Wednesday, 3/11/09

NYT (p) 2:47 ... LAT (p) 2:13 ... CS (p) 2:20 ... BEQ 3:03

I just made a joke about sixteen-year-old Caleb Madison drinking Scotch, and here he is in the Times with an alcohol theme! My only hesitation was IST for IZE at 51A, briefly forgetting that Congo = ZAIRE. PORTman and WINEhouse were gimmes from the clues, and RUMsfeld from a few letters.

No takers for my "puzzle" from yesterday? One competitor was a rookie this year, the other (whose nametag I noticed last year) was B Division. The directors aren't household names, but I think they're still "A-list", as they've each directed multiple Oscar-winning films. (Not multiple-Oscar-winning films, necessarily.)


Joon said...

i'd take you up on your puzzle, but considering i didn't know the director of casablanca or gone with the wind, i'm pretty sure i wouldn't recognize an A-list director's name if it were staring me in the face. there was no steven spielberg at the tournament.

Howard B said...

Seconding Joon.

Unless it were perhaps Peter Jackson, I wouldn't know a director if s/he punched me in the face.
Not that I've done anything to warrant a directorial face-punching, mind you. And I've never met Christian Bale... although he's an actor, so that wouldn't count either.

Where was I? Oh yes. Good question, but can't help here.

Doug P said...

I'm with joon and Howard. I knew Victor Fleming was the director of "Gone With the Wind" only because Vic Fleming included this clue in one of his Sun puzzles:

Director of "Gone With the Wind" and "The Wizard of Oz" (who is no relation to the author of this puzzle)

It's a great question, but one that's definitely not in my wheelhouse.