Monday, 3/9/09

NYT (p) 1:56 ... LAT 1:45 ... CS 1:54 ... JON 3:08 ... BEQ 2:34

I didn't mention it here or elsewhere, but a couple days before the ACPT I solved an old NYT Monday in 1:59. So now this is my personal best.


Joon said...

smokin'! (no, not literally--ick!)

Al Sanders said...

Wow! I wonder how long before someone breaks the 2 minute barrier at ACPT. You could be the first.

Howard B said...

Sick sick sick sick sick :).
Just kidding. Hell of a feat. Is there some sort of puzzle sonic boom when you cross that barrier? Does time actually slow down? We need to consult Stephen Hawking on this one.

I think in '08 I managed to get through the first ACPT puzzle in somewhere around 2:05 or :10-ish, but some of my letters looked more like drunken cuneiform than English at that point, and I apologize in retrospect to the judges for having to read it that year.

Al Sanders said...

Howard, of course you're another top candidate to be the first to break the 2 minute barrier in the tournament (as is Tyler, as is Trip, as are others). I did think last year's Puzzle 1 was a little easier than this year's. It was the closest I had ever come (2:12, I think). This year I thought puzzle 4 was easier than puzzle 1. I hadn't broken 3 minutes on Puzzle 4 for a couple of years.

Dan, just curious, when you break 2 minutes on paper, do you cross check every entry? It would be an interesting strategy decision, if you finished at 1:58, whether to turn it in or take a minute to check. It was an easy decision for Tyler on Puzzle 7 this year, since he had no choice but to go for it. But on Puzzle 1, I'm not so sure. It would certainly make quite a statement (like 3 minutes used to 10 or 15 years ago). It looks like in 1996, only Ellen, Trip, and John broke 3 on Puzzle 1. This year 12 people did.

Dan said...

Al, agreed on the relative easiness of the easy ACPT puzzles. See, I can't imagine solving an ACPT puzzle in 2 minutes, because they're not quite Monday-easy, and because I'm more careful than at home. The 13:02 situation is very unlikely, but I'm sure I would hand it in, just for the chance at history. I'm sure Tyler would too (and hope you would!). :)

Last night, I think there were 5 or 6 clues I didn't see. At home, I don't always check crossing clues, but I do make sure I'm making valid (Monday) entries the other way.