Saturday, 3/7/09

NYT 4:52 ... LAT 3:22 ... CS 2:07 ... ND 3:48

Okay, now I'm hoping to have a big long post up by the end of the weekend. Just know that when I make a joke about Joe Krozel, it was written before his Saturday NYT puzzle came out. He's done eight stacked 15s around the edges before; this time it's just four, with the single unchecked letters corresponding to compass points (so that they're not totally random and unchecked). I'm expecting to see the never-before-seen quadruple triple-stack from Joe soon..

I got through the NW corner of Doug Peterson's Stumper so quickly, I thought I would try and speed through the rest of it. Hung up a bit in the NE corner, but it was still my personal record, according to this blog. (P.S. DANIELS in the NYT, DAN in the LAT. What up!)

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