Sunday, 3/8/09

NYT 7:01 ... LAT (p) 7:47 ... MR 6:08 ... BG (p) 7:11 ... CS (p) 3:06 ... ND (p) 6:55 ... Diagramless (p) 9:45

I was distracted by a conversation last night solving the NYT and Reagle... since I wasn't concentrating fully, I didn't quite figure out the NYT theme until it was too late to help. For a while I was thinking that there would be an extra added letter in each theme answer, moving down the puzzle. You know, "One More Thing". ("One More Thing" is also a great song from the award-winning musical The Tutor.)

Loved Henry Hook's BG theme, which has two equally valid - and stacked! - "Theme of this puzzle" entries. I hope this one is remembered for next year's Oryx in "Best Sunday-Sized (Non-Gimmick)". MALLEUS and CAMIONS are new to me, but the crosses were solid.

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