Friday, 6/29/12

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I'm flying to San Francisco tonight for this weekend's Napa Valley Puzzle Challenge. Because I have this iPad now, I don't need to take my laptop, which means I won't be doing much speed-solving before I return on Thursday.

Monday, 6/18/12

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Flying home to New York today, and going straight to rehearsal for my next show. May not return to puzzles for a couple days.

I should give a shout-out to Amy, who not only assembled a few crossworders to have lunch when I was in Chicago last week, but also sent me home with a dozen GAMES and World of Puzzles magazines, *plus* a huge stack of crosswords (and cryptic and variety and puzzle suites) torn out from other issues. I've never been a GAMES subscriber, so I'm glad to give a good home to these puzzles that Amy didn't have time for.

Monday, 6/11/12

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I'm taking a break until Wednesday. One week until I get back to NYC!