Friday, 3/27/09

NYT 6:30 ... LAT 2:29 ... CS 1:53 ... CHE 3:09 ... WSJ 4:29 ... BEQ 3:03 ... MGWC 6:10

Almost half my NYT solving time was in the SW quadrant. BAGUETTES, ICECAVES, STEPCUT totally unknown. I should have seen through the CALMEST clue quicker, though. As for the marquee answer? Hated it.

update... Glad to see I'm not the only one who didn't know and/or didn't like BIMBO ERUPTION...

My puzzle books have all arrived except for the old GAMES compilation. As I suspected, Mind-Challenge Puzzle Book is useless... I already own Take Flight and Twisted Crosswords, and have no interest in Pixel Puzzles or Lateral Thinking. But the UltraHard Omnibus is better than expected (many crosswords by Trip Payne) and the Henry Hook Trivia Challenge is just as awesome as Ellen promised...

update again... Matt Gaffney's contest this week is very cool... in a way, he's one-upped BEQ's outside-the-box gimmicks. I figured out the metapuzzle very quickly this time, but it's not as hard as last week's (which I didn't get at all).

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Howard B said...

(Dan does not blog, and I do not post).

The marquee answer was some sort of pop culture/news phrase tidbit that escaped me, too. I've never heard it, and don't particularly like it, either. It was eventually inferable from the crossings, at least, unlike the gemstone terms.

Good challenge of a puzzle though.