Sunday, 1/29/12

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No paper solving for me this week - I cut my right thumb right where it presses against the pencil. It was a kitchen accident... OR WAS IT???

Yes, it was. I was going to be late solving Sunday's puzzles anyway.

And a helpful note from Gareth in the comments: for a time higher than 24:00, you can enter ="xx:xx" in a cell, and the spreadsheet will display what's in the quotes. E.g. ="47:23" for Spork's ND yesterday. Don't forget the equals sign.

Friday, 1/13/12

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See? I knew there was supposed to be a CHE puzzle last week...

Sunday, 1/8/12

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For the 3-D Word Hunt, I guess we should list the number of words we find...

Thursday, 1/5/12

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Heading back to New York tonight after a wonderful two weeks in California...

Tuesday, 1/3/12

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I'm adding the numbers to the column for Andrew's Rows Garden puzzles, so it'll be easier to go back and post times retroactively if you're not keeping up.