Thursday, 3/12/09

NYT (p) 3:50 ... LAT (p) 3:12 ... CS (p) 2:33

Fun rebus in the NYT.  The grid doesn't hint at a rebus, but I discovered it pretty quickly, going from CELEB -> QBS -> QUIXOTE and filling the middle section first.  Had to guess C or D for the MCCI/CRUSES cross.  Checking my solution, I found I'd accidentally written a D instead of an N in square 50 - a careless error in a tournament setting, but I'm giving myself full credit.

Here are the answers to the ACPT/Hollywood trivia question.  Like Amy always says, you gotta read Entertainment Weekly!  (Not that these guys are likely to show up in many crosswords.)Director One and Director Two.


Doug P said...

Thanks for the answers, Dan. I probably should start reading Entertainment Weekly. I'm OK with some pop culture, but a lot of my TV & movie knowledge comes directly from crosswords. For example, I've never seen an episode of "The Sopranos," but I know Robert ILER and EDIE Falco are in it. And I think I know the name of every UMA Thurman movie ever made.

Joon said...

i don't know... i'm not willing to go that far. doing a few thousand puzzles a year, sure. reading EW? not worth it, i say. any gain in useful pop culture knowledge would be offset by the loss of IQ points from reading vapid features on people whose lives i couldn't care less about.

hmm, i don't think i've seen VAPID in a crossword. i like that word--it's a good example of a "non-self-describing" adjective.

Ellen said...

I read EW, Star, Us and People because I love celebrity gossip. It does come in handy for crosswords, but I'd read them anyway. Wait, did I really just admit that? ;0

Joon said...

ellen, sorry if i came across as making a value judgment. obviously millions of people are interested in celebrity gossip (else there wouldn't be all these magazines, would there?); i'm just not one of them. i'm sure other people find it equally baffling why i read baseball prospectus cover-to-cover each year... or for that matter, why i do crosswords.