Tuesday, 12/31/13

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I'm on a plane back to New York...

Monday, 12/23/13

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Thanks guys for keeping up with all the special anniversary puzzles last week! I'm solving here and there, but mostly enjoying a sweet summer vacation.
Monday morning: Now mostly caught up!

Tuesday, 12/17/13

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As this auto-posts, I'm sitting on the plane to Argentina. Have a great holiday season!

Monday, 12/16/13

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See the Friday post for my thoughts on the future of the daily spreadsheet. I've got it set up through early January, and I'll probably keep it going at least through the ACPT.

Friday, 12/13/13

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Big few weeks coming up. On Monday I'm headed to Argentina for a two-week vacation. Scheduled posts will continue, but I probably won't be solving many (if any) of the puzzles. Please update spreadsheet headings as necessary!

In early January I'll be moving to San Francisco, where Gretchen got a great job! Now I won't be too tired to solve when the puzzles come out at night. But I'm not sure I'm going to continue posting daily spreadsheets next year, for several reasons:
--It's not fully automated, so there's a small time investment;
--Only a few of you are still participating;
--There's enough data now for somebody to run statistical analyses - I would love to find out the statistical difference between paper and Across Lite solving, for instance;
--I don't need the (self-imposed) pressure to keep up with all the puzzles.

Any thoughts?

Tuesday, 12/3/13

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Peter Broda is re-launching his weekly puzzle at The Cross Nerd, so I'm adding it to the Tuesday spreadsheet under "CN".