Thursday, 7/23/09

NYT 4:01 ... LAT 2:32 ... CS 1:40 ... ND 1:46

I didn't get the theme in the NYT until afterwards, but it's one of those where I clearly could have saved some time in the long run by figuring it out during the solve. The 16-letter key fell so early that I'd mostly forgotten about it, and most of the strange clue-answer combos seemed close enough for Thursday! Very impressive theme, so much so that Shortz allowed a staggering 85 words in the grid (or 82 if you prorate to a 15x15, still almost unheard-of). No mention of the statistical anomaly yet at Wordplay (or Fiend)... And the LAT combines two of my favorite things: the "reverse-clue" theme, and Dan Naddor.

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