Sunday, 7/12/09

NYT 4:55* ... LAT 5:30 ... MR 4:51 ... BG 6:03 ... ND 3:24 ... CS 3:04 ... Diagramless 9:40

I'm posting this almost 30 hours after solving... how's that for quality blogging? Returned home tonight and had no energy to finish Sunday's or Monday's puzzles. I'll report back on my WPM tomorrow!

I hit the applet Saturday night at exactly 6pm because I had to get to dinner afterwards -- apparently I clicked in a bit too soon, because the puzzle wasn't coming up, and I had to back up and click in again to get the grid. So I'm claiming back the 20 or so seconds that were on the clock when I started solving.

update: Newsday once again provides my personal-best 21x21...

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