Saturday, 7/4/09

NYT 4:15 ... LAT 3:08 ... CS 2:02 ... ND 6:27 ... TPP 3:08

Dan Naddor and the LAT win today's holiday-themed-themeless showdown in a unanimous decision over the NYT! (Unanimous in my house, I predict bloggers will agree.) Mr. Naddor, please make more "themeless" puzzles! Spent at least 30 seconds finding my NYT error, which was SICKRACE/IRIS... if the god wasn't going to be ARES, surely it would be something else recognizable like ERIS or IRIS, right? Finally looked at the down clue and submitted... ARIS? Okay.

Loved Trip's trivia puzzle - I knew all the honorees without using crossings, except for the Emmy winner.

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