Friday, 7/24/09

NYT 3:35 ... LAT 2:44 ... CS 2:15 ... ND 2:33 ... BEQ 3:02 ... CHE 2:52 ... WSJ 8:04 ... MGWC (p) 6:53

Feeling sluggish with today's puzzles (as opposed to last night's). The WSJ theme is one of my least favorites in a long time - some of the long answers barely make sense, and none of them amused me. [note: I've parsed them all now, and am moderately amused.] Actually, if you don't count Patrick Berry's gorgeous NYT (and the missing CHE), it's a subpar set of Friday puzzles overall.


Joon said...

i had the exact same experience with the WSJ! when i was speed-solving it (well, actually, kinda slowly), i didn't understand the theme answers at all. in retrospect they're kind of amusing.

and nobody is more bummed than i am about the temporarily missing CHE.

Dan said...

I can't get that annoyed at CHE... it's the only outlet that hosts its own .puz files. Though I wonder if the archive will still be active once they find the crossword page.

Joon said...

i'm not annoyed either, just bummed.