Thursday, 7/9/09

NYT 2:43 ... LAT 2:31 ... CS 2:05 ... ND 2:01 ... AB 2:51

We got DRJEKYLL in the CS, and MRHYDE in the Newsday...

Been on a bit of a cryptic binge lately, because one of the only books I brought to NH with me was 101 Cryptic Crosswords, which I've nearly finished. These easy New Yorker puzzles now take me about 5 minutes, and I timed one at 2:52. Clearly it's time to move up the difficulty ladder.

Any recommendations for the next step up? I'm going to try the online offerings of Ron Sweet, Trip Payne, Atlantic Monthly, and the old NYT Cru, as well as the NYT Second Sundays. Am I missing anything?

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