Monday, 7/20/09

NYT 1:59 ... LAT 1:50 ... CS 1:46 ... ND 1:24 ... JON 4:07 ... BEQ 2:54

I've discovered the secret to encouraging blog conversation - go away for a few days and your readers will have to talk to each other! I had a great weekend in Vermont, and didn't look at a single crossword, except for a cryptic Sunday morning in bed with my honey.

I'm a little under the weather today, but I'll try to get caught up on the weekend puzzles - backdated posts will be below this one. Hey, I can solve backwards (Monday-Sunday-Saturday) and get the perfect steepening of difficulty!


Joon said...

rusty & under the weather... apparently that's what i need to beat you. still, i'm going to call today a win, which is two in three days if you don't count anne et al (namely, everybody who beat my time :).

i'm still not going to be able to crack the top 10 next year, but i can at least set my sights on B division without feeling way over my head.

Dan said...

well I wasn't that rusty, couldn't have done much better on ND or BEQ. and you'll totally be in the top 10. :)