Saturday, 7/18/09

NYT 3:38 ... LAT 3:02 ... CS 2:21 ... ND 5:25

Happy birthday to me! Sweet bunch of puzzles today, even if I'm enjoying them three days late. Two themelesses, Doug? You shouldn't have! Plus a typically terrific (and atypically fast) CS by Bob Klahn, and one of Joe Krozel's most impressive NYT grids to date. A 58-worder with no horrible entries?!? I was lucky to get footholds relatively quickly in each quadrant, making for a smooth solve.


Joon said...

well then. i retract my "win." but i'm still going to claim the win for yesterday. (i'm adding it to my resumé.)

Doug P said...

My pleasure, Dan! And if you take selected letters from both of the grids, you can spell HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

I groaned when I first saw the Krozel grid, but the fill was super for a 58-worder.