Saturday, 7/11/09

NYT 4:04 ... LAT 2:35 ... CS 1:49 ... ND 4:55

What a great week of NYT puzzles - it could have been legendarily so if Paula Gamache's Monday from last week were swapped with this Monday... I was just wondering when we'd get another Saturday from Karen Tracey, and here she is tonight with one of my favorite actors smack in the middle!

Coming to you tonight from a bench in the backyard, with the stars and the fireflies keeping me company. I can't see the letters on the keyboard, but as you might guess, I'm an excellent touch typist. Thanks Mom for giving me that old typewriter and typing excercise book when I was what, 8 or 9? Wonder how my WPM compares to other speed-solvers - there could be a small but measurable advantage there... :) Back to New York on Sunday night!


Joon said...

fastest stumper ever, by a lot... but you still beat me by about 30 seconds. on the other hand i thought you might have this one down in about 3:30, so i guess i'm still pretty happy.

i haven't tested myself recently, but i suspect i'm about 100-120 wpm in dvorak (my keyboard layout of choice). i used to be just as fast at qwerty but i suspect i'd be slower and more mistake-prone now, since i haven't used qwerty much in the last 12 years.

enjoy the outdoors.

Dan said...

And I have no idea what my typing speed is - I should do an online test thingy...

Howard B said...

I'm an awkward touch-typer, using only the middle six fingers to type, and having to look down at the keyboard every couple of words and making semi-frequent typos (AcrossLite is very helpful in correcting these with a keypress). I think that I top out at about 70 WPM, last time I checked.
I still much prefer paper-and-pencil solving to typing and am slightly quicker on paper, although I fear that's quickly going the way of the dinosaur along with the newspaper, it seems.

When it comes to the Saturday Stumper, though, I'm equally as slow in any format, including chiseling on marble.

Ellen said...

I'm also in the 120wpm range.