Friday, 9/18/09

NYT (p) 4:12 ... LAT (p) 2:41 ... CS (p) 2:30 ... ND (p) 2:43 ... BEQ (p) 5:18 ... CHE (p) 3:03 ... WSJ (p) 6:49 ... DB (p) 5:16 ... MGWC (p) 7:29 ... Calif. (p) 9:46

Thanks Al for the pointer to Tyler's Bay Area tournament puzzle! It's definitely Sunday NYT quality, and clearly on the Challenging side. I'm embarrassed that I couldn't remember Google's "Don't be ___".

Irony alert: 6-Down in today's Newsday. Right? ... I intended to save the CHE for tomorrow, but couldn't help myself when I saw the Berry byline.


Alex said...

Okay, what's up with the CHE? The puzzle comes out a week late and this one doesn't have the usual name. Omni is frustrated.

Also, The Daily Beast's crossword is up, but Omni didn't find it because it was posted yesterday. *Sigh.* I'll make a patch.

Joon said...

what's ironic about 6d?

Dan said...

[Careless mistake] cluing BLOOP is a careless mistake, isn't it? Only in baseball does BLOOP = BLOOPER.

Alex, thanks for chasing those .puz-es all over the internet... :)

Joon said...

that was my first thought, but my mac's built-in dictionary has bloop = mistake in addition to the baseball meaning.

alex, let me know how you plan to patch omni for the DB. i'm not even sure what the most robust algorithm would be.

Dan said...

Joon, your computer must be thinking BLOOP --> see "BLOOPER" --> "careless mistake", but it's wrong. Betcha can't find me a real dictionary that defines BLOOP as a mistake!

Joon said...


→ v.
1. [intrans.] (informal) make a mistake: the company admitted it had blooped.

• [trans.] (Baseball) hit a ball weakly or make (a hit) from a poorly hit fly ball landing just beyond the reach of the infielders.
2. [intrans.] (chiefly Brit.) (of an electronic device) emit a short low-pitched noise.

→ n.
1. (informal) a mistake: a typical beginner's bloop.

• (Baseball) another term for blooper (sense 2): [as adj.] a bloop single.
2. (chiefly Brit.) a short low-pitched noise emitted by an electronic device.
- DERIVATIVES bloopy adj.
- ORIGIN 1920s: imitative.

bloop v. The New Oxford American Dictionary, second edition. Ed. Erin McKean. Oxford University Press, 2005. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press. Harvard University Library. 21 September 2009

i suspect you need to be logged in to harvard's library system in order for that link to work. but there you have it.

Joon said...

by the way, the NOAD is the same dictionary that my mac dictionary widget uses. but it's a real dictionary published by a real institution.