Sunday, 9/27/09

NYT (p) 10:57 ... LAT (p) 5:50 ... MR (p) 7:09 ... BG (p) 5:58 ... ND (p) 5:12 ... LATB (p) 6:45 ... CS (p) 3:01 ... Acrostic 14:30

Finally, some use for the slightly organized data on this site! I can definitively say that this is the hardest Sunday NYT in the last 10 months. (And I loved it.)

Don't think I will have a long-form recap of Pleasantville, so let's see about some random thoughts:

--Of course, it was much fun to see the usual NYC-area suspects! Howard B and Adam C were the other "A" solvers helping to judge. (Also Ellen and Frank Longo, who wouldn't be eligible anyway due to having edited the puzzles...)
--I solved in the back room, so I'll have times to report this week. They're all above-average puzzles by star constructors.
--Glad to see Jeffurry win, after four previous stints at the Big Board. Good karma for Al Sanders?
--Went to Will's house for the afterparty, but didn't get a tour or anything (he did show off a few pieces of memorabilia). I heard Will say to Nancy Schuster, "I don't like him, or his puzzles" -- but darnit, didn't catch who he was talking about! Well, I wouldn't share that even if I knew. Like I won't share some details I heard about Half-Century Puzzlemakers' Week. Here's a tidbit, though: Will has apparently run out of Diagramless puzzles. At least until he starts opening up the last few months' worth of mail...


Joon said...

diagramless! never tried one, but maybe i'll give it a shot.

Joon said...

i'm not sure exactly why i'm rereading this post, but a belated thank you. i sent will a diagramless last year and it got accepted and published within about six weeks.