Friday, 9/4/09

NYT (p) 5:36 ... LAT (p) 2:56 ... CS (p) 2:12 ... ND (p) 3:28 ... BEQ (p) 5:44 ... WSJ (p) 6:46 ... DB (p) 6:23 ... MGWC 4:01

Going out of town for Labor Day Weekend! So I probably won't be posting until Monday night, but I might solve a few puzzles. And I'll definitely look for a copy of the Saturday NYT!

update: ooh, not only is Matt Gaffney making a 21x21 for The Daily Beast every week, but it's now available in Across Lite. So I'm officially adding it to my weekly routine!


Alex said...

Hmmm ... I'll have to add the Daily Beast crossword to OmniDownload as well.

Alex said...

Okay, done. New version of Omni is here. Are there any more puzzles I should be adding?