Tuesday, 9/8/09

NYT 1:58 ... LAT 1:50 ... CS 2:01 ... ND 1:37 ... BT (p) 3:05 ... TO (p) 3:16

Time to play Tyler's favorite game: Fun with Timothy Parker! Universal Crossword, 9/1/09... nice clean grid by Billie Truitt; theme phrases beginning with CARD, CAKE, PRESENT, and BIRTHDAY. And then STRIP has the clue [Don one's birthday suit]. But here's what makes it a jaw-dropping duplication: BIRTHDAY SUIT is the final theme answer, and "birthday suit" appears in the very next clue!


Alex said...

I still think you should have to blog your USA Today and Universal solving times as a sort of public humiliation for having actually solved them.

Dan said...

I think I've broken 2 minutes only once on a Parker puzzle. That's how smooth they are!

Joon said...

wait, you solve those puzzles? but you seem so normal and well-adjusted. i thought you liked yourself?