Wednesday, 9/16/09

NYT (p) 2:31 ... LAT (p) 2:10 ... CS 2:41 ... ND 1:51 ... BEQ 3:44

Words I Learned Recently From Timothy Parker:
VARRO - [Roman "Menippean Satires" writer]
EDDO - [Edible tuber]
NUMBAT - [Termite-eating Australian marsupial]


jox said...

Is the Numbat related to the Wambat?

Joon said...

put the parker puzzles down! step away from the puzzles!

do we need to have an intervention?

Dan said...

Those words might show up in a real puzzle! Just like the stuff I sometimes see in "Savage Crosswords" and Maleska-era NYTs.

G - apparently it's less wombat, more anteater. Look how cute!

Doug P said...

At least they're spelled right (I think). I remember when Tyler ran across the theme answer NICKLES AND DIMES.