Wednesday, 9/23/09

NYT (p) 2:28 ... LAT (p) 2:05 ... CS (p) 2:04 ... ND (p) 2:35 ... BEQ (p) 2:47 ... TPP (p) 7:37

Hmm, is the LAT's 48-Down clue a bit of meta-commentary?

update: I wanted to save Trip's new record-tying 21x21 for the weekend, but couldn't help myself. Amazing! This guy should write puzzles for a living. My only hiccup was the intersection of 1A and 1D. 88A made me giggle -- and then cry out the answer, like in the commercial.

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Joon said...

thinkin' the same thing. i shouldn't be able to break 3 minutes on a wednesday (on paper).

i just finalized two puzzles for rich (saturday, sunday). i wonder how much he will have to 48-down down the clues.