Tuesday, 9/22/09

NYT (p) 2:25 ... LAT (p) 1:59 ... CS (p) 2:23 ... ND (p) 1:38 ... BT (p) 3:29 ... TO (p) 3:13

Still haven't been able to finish Sunday's Split Decisions! (Or, for that matter, any of the Kaidokus I've made occasional stabs at. In case you guys were wondering why you never see me over there.)


Joon said...

i think it was the hardest split decisions i've ever done.

the kaidokus are a lot easier on the applet using autofill. if you're not yet up to snuff on paper, you can try them on the applet. it makes it a lot easier to "guess and check" your way through a puzzle.

Dan said...

um, I was using the autofill. :)