Monday, 9/14/09

NYT 1:42 ... LAT (p) 2:02 ... CS (p) 2:24 ... ND (p) 2:06 ... JON (p) 3:14 ... BEQ (p) 5:20

I solved the NYT last night because I couldn't wait to find out about this week's constructors. My first guess was three sets of parents/children, or just seniors, but the "Fifty-Year Club" is even cooler. I just hope the puzzles are fun, especially the themelesses (though I'm sure Charles Gersch can still make a nice Saturday). Last year Will probably had plenty of submissions from teenagers, but how many of these had to be specially commissioned? Still, any kind of gimmick gets a thumbs-up from me, even if it doesn't work.

Also! Don't miss Eric Berlin's "Game Night" wrapup.

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