Wednesday, 12/24/08

NYT 2:41 ... NYS 4:13 ... LAT 2:27 ... CS 2:20 ... BEQ 3:13

What a boring NYT puzzle. Kidding! I seem to have found it easier than others. It helped that I filled in the first theme entry off of the first two letters. (Actually, entered COMMERCIAL, which didn't fit, before ADVERTISEMENT.) The only oddity was APHIS. Related to APHID? I bet the real bloggers will tell me.

But I do want to get into Doug Peterson's Sun puzzle, because it beat me up, and because he might read this. Here's why it took me much longer than a typical Wednesday:
  • Trouble figuring out the theme... I got the addition of "BR" but wasn't prepared for changes in spelling, for some reason. The best themer, of course, is BREWS AND BRAS, but I had BREAST in there to start, which is the first thing that comes to mind when I think "Girls Gone Wild".
  • Thorniness in the NW, where I knew RAN/ATAB but didn't believe it because it didn't seem to be working. ROCK radio and the CASH part of CASHBAR weren't happening.
  • For some reason I thought BRANDO and not SHARIF played Che Guevara. My excuse is that Brando was in Viva Zapata!
  • NISHAPUR? Nope. Every letter from crosses.
  • Rough clues included those for BIO, GENIE, and ST. BEDE (of whom I've never heard). And leave it to Peter to clue WIZ as if it were WHIZ...

I enjoyed SID, the Science Kid, and BOBBY ORR's full name. Nicely done as always, Doug, and we'll look forward to your next publication, probably tomorrow or Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Credit for BREWS AND BRAS goes to Peter Gordon. My original entry was OOHS AND BRAS, and I think my clue was "Slogan for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?" Peter wisely suggested that I go for a double-whammy with the last theme entry.

NISHAPUR is a pretty tough entry, but I didn't have many choices there, since it crossed three theme entries. As for Lisa RINNA, I plead the fifth! :)