Monday, 12/22/08

NYT 1:59 ... SUN 2:19 ... LAT 1:59 ... CS 1:43 ... JON 4:08 ... BEQ 2:47

Week 2! Anyone have any ideas for the best use of this blog? At the very least, the sidebar links should be highly informative.

Lynn Lempel brings her usual early-week smoothness to the NYT, with a bit of spice in the form of MOBSCENES, PUBERTY, and SPITTOONS. Peter "Ogden Porter" Gordon has one of his patented 15x16 grids that are stuffed full of theme -- in this case, 8 phrases with a similar letter pattern.

Chanukah theme in Sarah Keller's CS, which made it super-easy... except it's not called the FEAST OF LIGHTS. (Okay, Google says it can be, and I know FESTIVAL... doesn't fit.) Anyway, I ate lots of potato pancakes tonight. Edgar Fontaine's LAT is an unusually fun Monday, with only 74 words, a negligible theme, and lots of fresh fill. Kudos!

Late update... Rough Jonesin' for me this week. Haven't heard of ELENA Ceausescu or the Simpsons character ARNIE PIE, but did love the long downs KATEY SAGAL and VOCAL RANGE.


Joon said...

Anyone have any ideas for the best use of this blog?

wait, this is a blog? next you're going to tell me that this is a pipe.

Dan said...

Hey, I allowed for that possibility up top!

BTW, you inadvertently gave away the answer to the NPR puzzle, which I just listened to...