Friday, 12/19/08

NYT 3:31 ... NYS 3:27 ... LAT 3:17 ... CS 2:00 ... CHE 2:58 ... WSJ 6:10 ... BEQ 4:38 ... MGCC 6:05

And I could have been a little faster on the NYT, getting briefly stuck with about 6 squares to go. (The mistake was ROBB instead of ROTH for the former Senator. Virginia, Delaware, what's the diff.) Filled in a few long answers off of only one letter, which is not usually my strategy, but DIDGERIDOO and AZERBAIJANI (with the J in place) were totally obvious. I'm just proud I could speed-type those words accurately. Also, SEESSTARS needs to be retired from bottom-row duty, as the clues aren't cute anymore.

Other notes...
SUN: Rebus! Didn't put up much of a fight because I knew what the first two Across clues were going for. And each quadrant had a gimme or two to get me in.
LAT: Since I've been critiquing the LAT themes, let me say today's is awesome. Didn't know SUASIVE was a word. Got a little confused in the NE -- if AVA's a city, why don't I remember that from Saturday puzzles? -- but it worked itself out thanks to Earl AVERILL, which I knew was right but will be obscure to most solvers.
WSJ: Yay, another Trip puzzle! I had PITCHER first as the [One who both plays and sits on the bench]. Sure, PIANIST is more apt. Ironically, I always seem to miss tricky clues for PIANO.

Friday afternoon addendum: Tough Gaffney puzzle - I'm not positive I even have every letter correct. No idea about the contest answer, but I haven't really tried to crack it...

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Joon said...

i had the exact same thought on AVERILL.