Monday, 12/29/08

NYT 1:53 ... SUN 2:00 ... LAT 1:48 ... CS 1:50 ... JON 2:56 ... BEQ 2:44

Kevin Donovan's 76-worder in the NYT is pleasantly crunchy for a Monday. "Something in common" is perhaps my favorite type of early-week theme. Peter Gordon's theme in the Sun is generic, but of course the fill is fun. QUIZNOS crossing HOTDOG makes me hungry; SAPPHIC next to SHEILA E... no comment.

Particularly obvious theme in the LAT; after seeing two "[Name] the [Occupation]" entries I knew the puzzle's raison d'etre would be JOETHEPLUMBER. Excellent Jonesin', exploring various people who "do it" in one way or another.

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Anonymous said...

My "Duh!" of the day was on the CrosSynergy puzzle. I had BA_H for "One of the 3 B's" and I quickly filled in BATH, thinking of Bed, Bath, and Beyond.