Wednesday, 12/17/08

NYT 2:34 ... SUN ??? ... LAT 2:26 ... CS 2:07 ... BT 2:53 ... TO 2:51 ... BEQ 3:47

I'm at my parents' house in San Francisco for a couple weeks. I had an audience for my solving last night, which is a little unnerving. On the other hand, out here I can do the Times puzzle at 7pm, which is nice.

I'm sure I clicked the Across Lite clock before starting the Sun puzzle last night, but when I finished it was still at 0:00. All my statistics, ruined! It wasn't any harder than usual, so my guess would be around 3:00.

BEQ's free website puzzle today gets bonus points for using CAKESANDALE as a base phrase. I didn't like the LAT theme at all -- four phrases you might find on an invitation, but they're all kind of awkward. No "aha," no chuckle, just annoyance that there wasn't something more to it.

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