Saturday, 12/20/08

NYT 5:05 ... LAT 4:40 ... CS 2:10 ... ND 8:06

Things I hadn't heard of in the NYT puzzle: the novel Agnes Grey; something called "palazzo pants"; AERO as a prefix for car; and ex-company MITA, which I was surprised to see has appeared 10 times (mostly in the LAT, once on a Monday!).

Cutest clue: [Token that you're taken] for RING. Most tortured clue, which I predict Rex will eviscerate: [Units of a chain with links?] for IHOPS. Several of us speedsters posted applet times within seconds of each other... I think that's an indication that the puzzle's difficulty is perfectly calibrated.

Fun entry of the day: LITEFM from PB2's CrosSynergy outing. Doug P.'s Saturday Stumper probably isn't as hard as my time would indicate -- TV in the background was distracting. Had much more trouble with the top half than the bottom. Bizarre clue: [Six-time Jane]... could not parse that at all until MAUREEN (O'Sullivan, of let's say a half-dozen Tarzan films) was completely filled in.

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Rex Parker said...

Feyer, is that you? Or some other Dan? Your times are sick. Holy crap.

Sorry I didn't eviscerate IHOPS. Too tasty to gut.