Thursday, 12/25/08

NYT 3:08 ... NYS 3:08 ... LAT 2:48 ... CS 2:10

Merry Christmas! Only one of the four daily puzzles has a holiday theme, which obviously means that Bill O'Reilly is right and Christmas is under siege.

Serendipity in the NYT puzzle, in the form of ALBEDO... I usually solve a few old NYT puzzles before hitting the applet, and one of the ones I did tonight (I'm up to early 2001 in the archives) contained that completely unfamiliar word. So when I saw a similar clue in today's puzzle, I knew it immediately.

Another coincidence is that Hideo Nomo, starting pitcher for the Crosswordese All-Stars, makes three appearances in the day's puzzles: two in the grid, one in the clues. Guess Peter Gordon didn't get the memo...

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