Monday, 12/15/08

NYT 1:49 ... SUN 1:58 ... LAT 1:39 ... CS 1:50 ... JON 2:47 ... BEQ 2:55

That's a first for me -- solving each of the major daily crosswords in under two minutes. Most Mondays I'll break 2:00 on one or more of them, but I don't remember getting all four on the same day. Seems like a good time to start keeping track of my solving times, and utilize this empty shell of a blog I set up with my Blogger account.

Perhaps in the future I'll actually write about crosswords too -- at least one person is interested in what I have to say (hi Mom!). And I'm such a terrible prose stylist that it might be good to do some writing in a place where nobody will read it. Truly, I can solve a Sunday puzzle in ten minutes flat, but need half an hour to put together a coherent paragraph. Hey, time's up! Will I remember to come back tomorrow? Please, don't tune in and find out.

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