Tuesday, 4/21/09

NYT 1:32 ... LAT 1:50 ... CS 1:32 ... ND 1:32 ... BT 2:40 ... TO 2:06

Today's NYT might be the fastest I've ever nailed a theme. After the first 4 Downs went in I had TINK-, and when TINKERSHORTSTOP fit, I was like, "No way, all three names-plus-positions are 15 letters?" So I went and filled in the other 15s lickety-split, and started solving at the bottom right to confirm COMBO.

Alex reminded me that I didn't answer the clue I posted: John (words) and Paul (music), six letters ending in S. Answer in the comments!


Dan said...


(That may be a letdown if you haven't heard of John Simon, long-time NY theater critic and noted asshole. Here's a play called John Simon Hates Me.)

Alex said...

I considered SIMONS but never having heard of John Simon, let it go.

I wish this NYT had run on opening day.