Sunday, 4/19/09

NYT 5:50 ... LAT 4:19 ... MR 4:46 ... BG 4:22 ... ND 3:46 ... LATB 4:56 ... CS 3:12

It's been a while since I finished a Sunday puzzle without figuring out the theme, but that's what happened with the NYT. Was the Sunday Challenge a bit harder than usual, or was I just not in the usual groove with Martin Ashwood-Smith? Maybe both?

By the way, I got absolutely nowhere with the first puzzle in Justin's Metacross Contest... well, I filled the crossword, but couldn't arrange the colored squares into anything useful.

Late edit: The Diagramless turned out to be the same one I solved Friday night at the ACPT. It was still fun the second time around!

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Joon said...

the sunday challenge was indeed harder than usual. at least i had a tough time with it because i didn't know the clues for ANNA, JESSE, RITA, or LEAH. (in fact, i still don't know who the JESSE clue refers to. james? helms? jackson? owens? litsch?) and the other clues were a little more ambiguous than typical sunday challenge clues: ELAN, BOIL, UNSTRAP, SHES, HAIRDO. and there were two words i just did not know: EXOCET and TROCHES. but it was still a very fun puzzle with some great fill, and overall only about as hard as recent LAT saturdays.