Sunday, 4/5/09

NYT (p) 8:16 ... LAT 4:17 ... MR (p) 7:29 ... BG (p) 6:45 ... ND 4:16 ... LATB 5:00 ... CS 4:16 ... Pathfinder ~10min

Heading to Boston for the day tomorrow! Joon and I will finally meet, and I hope to fake-win the tournament. In that I won't compete, but I'll solve along and compare times with the Bostonians. Props to Ryan and Brian for giving me a lift! I suppose I'll have a recap here at some point.

Pathfinder! Love this variety and have actually solved a few recently. This one came together pretty quickly (didn't use the stopwatch), with easier clues than the ones in Twisted Crosswords. I remember the first one of Hook's I tried took three or four stabs to finish because of the different kind of logic involved.


Doug P said...

I absolutely loved both of the 21-letter entries in Henry Hook's BG puzzle. They more than made up for ASONIA and OMAT.

Joon said...

dan, nice meeting you, and so glad you could come up for the day.

doug, hook's puzzle took me a looooong time. oy. so many weird names crossing. i was absolutely shocked when i got the happy pencil guy.