Wednesday, 4/29/09

NYT 2:34 ... LAT 1:37 ... CS 1:50 ... ND 1:40 ... BEQ 3:26

Could have been 15 seconds faster on the NYT, because I had STAND AND at the beginning of the central 15, expecting DELIVER to show up, and didn't look at it again until the applet rejected me. (My erroneous Down was ERN - obviously not an eyebrow-raiser...) Even though it's timely with 9 to 5 now in Broadway previews, two days in a row with short theme answers is pretty lame. I can imagine how the LA solvers felt! Speaking of which, I was really on Doug's wavelength for the LAT, which seems to be my Wednesday record, for what that's worth. ($0.00)

morning update... last night I felt great, today I feel like I have swine flu. (No fever, but I was pretty worried, having spent much of yesterday in Queens.) In other news, C.C. interviewed Doug today, and in other-other news, I may have my first crossword testing/proofing gig (if I don't keel over).

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