Thursday, 4/2/09

NYT 2:00 ... LAT 2:08 ... CS 1:55 ... ND 2:10

Yes, the Newsday puzzle took me longer than the others! I couldn't make much headway in the top half (for some reason, [Pipeline place] starting with AL didn't ring any bells) and had to solve bottom-up. Actual time was about 2:00 but I had to find a typo.

On the NYT, wish I'd gotten the cursor up to DONE! just a second sooner, but I'll take it. Damn, seven theme answers and ten Xs. Now to watch today's Jeopardy!!

Like the real crossword bloggers, I was contacted by Puzzlewright Press about their new Twitter feed. I'm resisting Twitter, but I'll put up a permanent link to the free daily puzzle. Check it out! I'd be more excited if there weren't any sudoku involved, but man, when a sample Vwllss goes up...

Hey, remember a few days ago when I was salivating over GAMES The World's Most Ornery Crosswords, Volume 1? It arrived today, in near-mint condition. Thirty-two 25x25 crosswords (not all themeless, it appears), by the best in the biz, edited by Will Shortz. There's a neat fold-out-and-over design to accomodate the Easy clues, though I imagine they'll stay un-folded. Whoa, I just saw Merl Reagle has a triple stack of 25s in one puzzle. Anyway, the fact that the puzzles are from 1977-1992 only makes it more fun. Sadly, like the Variety Crosswords, there doesn't appear to be a Volume 2. And now it's really time to stop buying puzzle books for a while...

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