Sunday, 4/26/09

NYT 9:15 ... LAT 4:52 ... BG 4:54 ... MR 4:48 ... ND 4:00 ... LATB 3:47 ... CS 2:09 ... Acrostic 9:16

Trip Payne is my favorite constructor, so seeing him in the NYT is always great, but several dozen rebus squares? Bonus! (Ooh, and record-setting!) 56-Down was co-founded by Michael Colton, who joined Tyler Hinman to commentate on the Crosswords West/L.A. tournament yesterday.

Rich Norris's Sunday Challenge seems easier than his usual offering. Check out Shirley Soloway's Newsday puzzle - it's got a fun wordplay theme that I haven't seen before. Sylvia Bursztyn's theme is also pretty clever, though much easier.

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Doug P said...

Awesome puzzle today! I knew we'd be in a for a treat when I saw the byline, and Trip did not disappoint.

Michael Colton was also a competitor at Crosswords West, and he did quite well. Finished in or near the Top 10. He was scheduled to announce the finals with Tyler, so he told us he was tanking on purpose to stay out of the top 3. :) Unfortunately he had to leave before the finals started, but the always gracious Andrea Carla Michaels filled in and did a wonderful job.