Wednesday, 2/11/09

NYT (p) 3:00 ... SUN (p) 4:03 .. LAT (p) 2:51 ... CS 2:00 ... BEQ 3:12

OK, now I'm really back to paper. We'll see how long that lasts. Still doing other puzzles on paper most days anyway. The LAT puzzle is available earlier than it used to - recently it's been there by 10 pm ET (aka NYT changeover time) instead of midnight. I like being able to do the three available at night, and the rest the next day. Though soon there'll only be two available at night. Sad face.

Nearly had an error on the NYT, having remembered Mr. Ataturk as KAMAL, but I also remembered that ALY is a person and ELY is in England, and we were looking for the latter. So KEMAL it is. Also had to mention that for the NYT tonight, my phone's stopwatch hit 3:00:00 exactly. Eerie!

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