Friday, 2/27/09

NYT 4:49 ... SUN (p) 11:48 ... LAT 3:08 ... CS 1:47 ... CHE 2:15 ... WSJ (p) 7:23 ... BEQ (p) 4:34 ... MGWC 4:11

I've had a few failures this week on old themelesses, so I thought it might be best for morale to solve on the applet. Almost don't want to do the final Sun puzzle, but I'll get to it before heading down to Brooklyn. See you all soon (except Joon, Paula, and Dad)...

updated: wow, the Sun is a doozy! I knew immediately based on word count that there would be a rebus element, and figured out the specific gimmick after about 5 minutes, but it was still super-tough.

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