Thursday, 2/12/09

NYT (p) 3:37 ... SUN (p) 4:16 ... LAT (p) 3:21 ... CS 1:55

Happy 200th, Abe and Chuck. Three puzzles down, three LINCOLNs in the grid. I did recently read about this coincidence, so the Sun's long answers were easy. Until the digits started showing up! The F-117 is a jet? I did manage to puzzle out that corner quickly enough, because I knew digits would work as digits in both directions, unlike in the old days when 100 would be I-O-O in the downs. I speak as if I were there in the old days.

So the NYT was spoiled by just having done the Sun. Pretty blah fill in the NYT, especially when you compare it to what Peter Gordon can do: UPTOSNUFF! GLISSANDO! MESOMORPH?

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