Sunday, 2/1/09

NYT 6:38 ... LAT 6:10 ... CS 2:22 ... BG 3:47 ... MR 5:07 ... ND 3:43 ... Diagramless 7:55

Don't think I've ever timed a diagramless before. This one went pretty fast. FYI, I do take the starting square hint, but not the symmetry hint. (This is accomplished by opening the notepad, blocking the text with my hand, and carefully revealing the last words until I see the key word, i.e. "sixth".)

Apparently I've gotten better at navigating the Newsday applet. Joon wondered in a comment, as I have also wondered, how it's possible to complete a 21x21 in under 4 minutes. So I did the math (probably should have left that to Joon)... a Sunday-size puzzle has less than twice the word count of a 15x15, which I can often finish in under 2 minutes. Thus, if it's easy enough, a 21x21 can take under 4 minutes. Right?

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