Saturday, 2/7/09

NYT (p) 5:10 ... LAT (p) 7:50 ... CS (p) 2:48 ... ND (p) 6:32

I was afraid when I saw Pete Muller's name on the Saturday NYT, as he's known for crazy outside-the-box themes, but the grid looked like a regular themeless and that's what it was. The LAT by Tom Heilman, on the other hand, was very tough.

Addendum. So it's not technically a themeless - SEX, DRUGS, ROCK, and ROLL in the corners, and nobody on the blogs noticed for 12 hours! Ah, that Pete.

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Joon said...

i'm impressed that anybody noticed it at all. i mean, who goes around looking for themes in a perfectly normal-looking 72-word saturday NYT? not me, that's who.

that was the only puzzle i did before the westport tournament. i had to catch up on all of the others when i got home on sunday. the stumper kicked my butt, but i must have spent ten minutes staring at INI_____ without realizing that INITIATE is also a noun. see, the stumper doesn't even need to be hard to stump me... just knowing that it's the stumper throws me off my game.

i didn't find the LAT much harder than usual, so i'm surprised that both you and amy did. sure, i've never heard of TUSCARORA or APS, but that's just two answers, and the crosses weren't that tough, were they? oh, i guess i didn't like ANTISERUM either. that part was tough. but still, not that hard overall. i can't agree with "toughest LAT in a year" when that year included a brad wilber i couldn't even finish.