Friday, 2/13/09

NYT (p) 4:59 ... SUN 5:54 ... LAT (p) 4:03 ... CS (p) 2:31 ... CHE (p) 3:24 ... WSJ (p) 8:02* ... BEQ 3:13 ... MGWC 5:13

Oh, how I love Trip Payne's Wacky Weekend Warriors! (aka Something Different) I can't decide whether to speed-solve or savor it. (Update: Tried to savor it, and definitely took the time to LOL, but it still went too quickly.)

Let's talk about the WSJ. I had the top half or so done with standard alacrity, but got bogged down and thought I would end up with multiple errors. Actually, only in square 1: BOOERS crossing BATS, which I should have known wouldn't be clued as [Corp. phone line]. I remembered WADI and KAVA but not NIPA, that [Basketry palm], and haven't heard of OOLITE, which must be obscure because it appears only once in the databases.

Also have to mention that I solved this week's Newsdays on paper, which I probably won't do any more. First, the grid's in the top right, which is annoying. Second, this pair of clues from Thursday's puzzle by David W. Cromer:
21-A Cropped up
50-D Come up
And yes, we were looking for two forms of the same word. I really admire Stan Newman but that's sloppy.

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Joon said...

why do i know NIPA? i think it was in a saturday stumper last year. OOLITE looks totally unfamiliar but the crossings weren't bad. i did have OOLIDE at first but -ITE looked better for a rock.

i also had an error in the first square. i think i've seen WATS but i couldn't place it, and since i was looking at YAH instead of RAH at 5d, i couldn't figure out WOOERS. but that was just dumb.

also, ... the theme answers all have one-word clues? is that really a theme? there must be something i'm missing, no?