Wednesday, 1/7/09

NYT 2:19 ... SUN 2:51 ... LAT 2:12 ... CS 2:31 ... BEQ 3:14

Fun NYT by William Frank Macreery. Each corner tells a story:
GRAHAM, LIBIDO, AMENDS. Sorry, Mrs. Graham.
BAHRAINI ANIMALIA SLOSHED! What are they feeding them?
ALLOCATE TATTERED PARAPET. [verb] [adjective] [noun].
And OLIVIA, RIVERA, KEENER, which of course is a reference to the famous joke where Olivia Wilde, Mariano Rivera, and Catherine Keener walk into a bar.

and a nice Sun puzzle by Randall Hartman, with legitimately amusing theme answers. Dude, GALACTIC ACID!

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