Tuesday, 1/20/09

NYT 2:31 ... SUN 2:29 ... LAT 1:45 ... CS 1:45 ...

Yet another Barackified NYT puzzle for Inauguration Day! I got distracted by all the cross-referenced clues and jumped to the bottom to confirm the Obama theme... but BARACKOBAMA didn't fit, and I stuck KYRA in for "Actress Sedgwick" instead of EDIE, so it could have gone faster.

And yet another double-shot of Blindauer in the Sun and CrosSynergy! Always love his CS puzzles because of all the theater-related clues and entries. I was going to complain about BASETEND and TESTBAND in the Sun, but hold up, those are theme entries. (I can still complain about UNWET, though.)

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