Saturday, 1/17/09

NYT 6:33 ... LAT 3:13 ... CS 2:15 ... ND 4:41 ... BEQ 3:32 ... MGWC 9:21

I was on a roll until hitting the NYT... couldn't get a good foothold for a few minutes. False starts included HOTSHOT for ONESPOT ("Ace") and IVIES for TINAS ("Brown and others"), which sit on top of one another. I thought I knew the Smurfs' creator, because as a boy I had a Smurfs bedspread with his signature all over it... I wanted it to be HERGE (who created Asterix), but that didn't fit, and PEYO ended up coming entirely from crosses.

In other news, I may have Barry C. Silk all figured out. And Merle Baker's Stumper is one of my favorites that I can remember.

Didn't get to the Friday Quigley and Gaffney until tonight, and they were excellent warmups for the Saturday themelesses. I loved the extra-tough Gaffney, and needed the last 2-3 minutes to solve the NW corner. The Tony Award clue at 15-A should have been a gimme, but I had to mentally scroll through recent plays and musicals to get it. Haven't even attempted to puzzle out the meta-answer yet...

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