Sunday, 1/18/09

NYT (p) 8:35 ... LAT (p) 7:58 ... CS 2:05 ... BG 11/30 (?) 5:05 ... MR 6:27 ... ND (p) 6:56 ... Acrostic 6:45

Decided to go half-lazy, half-pencil, and add the Sunday Newsday (and time the NYT Acrostic). Spent the last minute of the NYT staring at the ALONE/OLE crossing - wanted something like AT ONE or AS ONE, couldn't see OLE for some reason (wanted OHO), and had to play the alphabet game.

New record for a Sunday Challenge - Paula Gamache's always seem to be the easiest. None of the BARACK puns in the Reagle came easily. Seems to be an error in the "litzing" of the Globe puzzle - not complaining, just saying...


Joon said...

RJR/ENJOIN, you mean? i noticed that too.

i was flying through the sunday challenge until i hit NEOMYCIN/YUBAN/COHIBA/IMAN. quadruple-ouch. i've seen COHIBA before, i'm sure, but i couldn't call it to mind; the others were all totally unfamiliar. and yet, if i had remembered COHIBA, i could have guessed the Y. nope--instead i "finished" in about three minutes with four bad crossings. i'm not sure whether to count that as my sunday challenge record. i'm gonna say no.

the OLE clue was certainly not very helpful, but i didn't have any problems with ALONE. i didn't love this puzzle as much as last week's obama tribume, but HONOR BLACKMAN is pretty clever.

Dan said...

YUBAN was totally one of those "Crossword Puzzle Moments" - I haven't thought of the word for maybe 15 years, but remembered it from TV commercials.

IMAN, while being borderline crosswordese, is memorable (to my high-school circle, anyway) for her one line in L.A. Story: "I'll have a twist of lemon." I couldn't find the "half-caf" scene on Youtube.