Thursday, 1/15/09

NYT (p) 3:59 ... SUN (p) 3:54 ... LAT (p) 3:10* ... CS (p) 2:39

Really didn't feel like printing tonight, but the Sun puzzle by Matt Ginsberg is PDF only. Great concept there with oversized boxes to fit oversized rebus entries!

The double dose of Blindauer is always welcome... I sussed out the NYT theme within 20 seconds when I had JOSEPH-, knew it had to be -INE BAKER, and spotted the central clue to the theme. Still wasn't easy, never having heard of SENSEN or ANASSES. (I did figure out before stopping the timer that it was AMASSES, with the brilliant clue misdirection [Bazooka, e.g.]...)

But I didn't figure out my error on the LAT. Had heard of all the "...EE" cities except for KANKAKEE. Correctly guessed STAKING, crossing the first K, but had PEER IN instead of PEEK IN, and KANRAKEE looked just as good. That's a crossing that shouldn't be in a Thursday puzzle. Yes, I'm bitter.

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Joon said...

i'm bitter, too. that puzzle had a large number of very obscure cities. i certainly wouldn't know CHICOPEE if i didn't live in massachusetts. and KANKAKAAKEE or whatever it was drove me nuts. also, wasn't that the puzzle that contained UCAL, which just isn't what anybody calls that school? (cal, berkeley, cal-berkeley, or uc berkeley would be okay.) i like dan naddor's puzzles, but i didn't like that one.